We are a boutique VFX full-pipeline studio working to push the limits of visual storytelling with excellent VFX.

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, AIOI STUDIOS is the children company of top-tier parent companies in both Vietnamese and Korean film industry: Bad Clay Studio, Anh Teu Studio (Vietnam) and Cocoa Vision (Korea), in which Bad Clay Studio is the cornerstone.

With our cutting-edge technology and a team of creative artists working in a rich culture of innovation, collaboration, and co-creation, AIOI STUDIOS aims to significantly contribute to the expansion of the visual effects industry and strikingly push the boundaries of visual storytelling, particularly Vietnamese local narratives.

AIOI is the combination of Artificial Intelligence and ƠI a term of endearment loudly called when you want to catch your beloved’s attention in Vietnamese.

The founders are determined that AIOI STUDIOS will be a fiery answer to the call of what is technically and aesthetically possible in the forthcoming era of VFX and New Media Production.

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